Scaled BMW X5 Windscreen Printed

A person called us to see if we could print a scale size Windscreen for a model car (a BMW X5)

This was the process,

  1. We received a digital model of the entire car from an online source, which we imported into Auto-desk 3DSmaxModel X5
  2. We the isolated the Windscreen screen Model X5 only
  3. Looking at the item we found that the Resolution was too low for such a print, so Using ZBrush we increased the point count and refitted the meshRefine and prep for printing
  4. Once done we then prepare the file for an clear SLA printReady to print SLA
  5. The sand and cleaning process was then started20171006_131227
  6. using paper starting @120 Grit  working our way all the way up to 2400 Grit and polish 20171011_145148_001

The result speaks for it’s self.

Another happy customer.

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